Porcelaine de Tournai/Tournai soft paste porcelain
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Tournai Soft Paste Porcelain
Blue background decor (1)
Gold Décor (9)
Blue Décor-> (420)
Polychrom's Décor-> (113)
Figurine Group (7)
Manganese (5)
Den Haag Décor's-> (13)
White decor (3)
Book (10)
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Dessert plate in soft porcelain of Tournai. (Fly decor)
Dessert plate in soft porcelain of Tournai. (Fly decor)
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Conditions of Use
CHRISTIAENS Antique's. Situation : Avenue de la Basilique 39 at 7603 BONSECOURS BELIGUM propose the selling of antique item and service accessible on the internet.

The customer select his product and service on the electronic catalogue and transmit his request order to Christiaens Antique's. If several orders on the same product, the first will be considered the others customers will be advertissed by E-mail that the product is unavailable. The priority is give on the antique shop : Avenue de la Basilique à BONSECOURS, BELGIUM.

The service and product price are invoiced such as featuring on the electronic catalogue on time of the order. If another prospective buyer is disposed to take over, then it's possible to negotiate. The selling prices are VAT included. A participation for charges delivery is request. It's possible to take of in the antique shop. Every negotiation is possible on request

The service and product are normaly delivery at the permanent address specify by the customer with a time limit of 3 to 5 days in Belgium. Other country on request. The shipper is free to use alternative shipping delivery ressources in the respect of required time and cost scheduled. The delivery time can vary in case of routage troubles, or holyday period, then the customer will be notified by E-mail. The weekend and day of festivity are not included in the wording days. For the worldwide delivery, in function of product, and area, the delivery time can vary to several weeks.

Followed postal charges or on request followed the volum product

The customer make sure of the good state delivery. In case of damages, he will inform the postal service and inform Christiaens Antique's by registered letter in a time limit of 48 hours.

Christiaens Antique's stive to gratify the order of the customer and to execute the order product. However, Christiaens Antique's is not hold to accept all order and his accountability is not engage in the delayed delivery or in the temporary or continual no availability. Here, the first buyer is the primary serve. alone one product is available unless otherwise specified.

The accountability of Christiaens Antique's will be not hold in case of force majeur as it is walkout, burning, act of God or others. This index is not exhaustive.

The payment of the product and service can be effuctuate by check banker's order to Christiaens Antique's, or via Bank Credit transfer, since reception of payment, the delivery will be immediate, the delivery coast are on charge of the customer. Until reception of effective lump sum, the delivery product stay the property of Christiaens Antique's and he will put in action to proceed at the recuperation with all ways and means his merchandise

The product delivery by Christiaens Antique's is sold in the state, alone a garanty of authenticity is foreseen. If contradictable up authenticity of a product, a expert's report would be establish and requested by the customer. In this case, the entirety of the payment will be repay. Christiaens Antique's should be advertissed in the 7 working days.

In case of litigation, the partes will do attribution to the juridiction of trading tribunal of Tournai (Belgium).
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01.Tea boal in soft paste porcelain of Tournai (Ring garland)
02.Ear décor cream pot in Tournai porcelain.
03.Plate in porcelain of Tournai (Ear décor)
04.Plate in porcelain of Tournai (Ring décor)
05.Plate in soft porcelain of Tournai. (fly décor)
06.A Tournai cup and saucer (bay in bloom)
07.A Tournai cup and saucer (cornflower)
08.A Tournai pap plate (Bay in bloom decor)
09.A Tournai polychrom porcelain cup
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Soup tureen in porcelain of Tournai 18 century gold
Soup tureen in porcelain of Tournai 18 century gold
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