Porcelaine de Tournai/Tournai soft paste porcelain
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Tournai Soft Paste Porcelain
Blue background decor (1)
Gold Décor (9)
Blue Décor-> (420)
Polychrom's Décor-> (113)
Figurine Group (7)
Manganese (5)
Den Haag Décor's-> (13)
White decor (3)
Book (10)
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Bay in bloom decor cream pot in Tournai porcelain.
Bay in bloom decor cream pot in Tournai porcelain.
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In general, one receives in heritage some parts of different decorations or a part of service.
As regards the part of service, you will be able easily to continue this one or to supplement it by less frequent parts, the problem of the decoration is already solved.
For the heritage, you have the charts in hands, you sell the parts which are not appropriate and supplement by others, or contact an antique dealer specialized for possible exchanges, in general you contact will find a agreement.
For the person who wishes to start a Tournai porcelain collection : we advise to contact a specialized antique dealer and inform him of your goal if it is an investment and/or a quality decoration, it will be able really to help you and advise you in your choice and your budget.
Visit some museum as that of Tournai ready from the communal house, the museum of Mariemont, the royal museums art and historic of Brussels, Curtius Museum in Liege, Museum from the Art schools in Lille, Museum of the Centenary in Mons, Museum of Courtrai, Museum of the Art schools of Arras, Victoria and Albert Museum of London, Castle of Windsor, Castle Ecaussinnes-Lalaing, etc…..

Then a documentation will not be superfluous :
Some books on Tournai soft paste porcelain (in french) :

La porcelaine de Tournai par J. DE BACKER

La porcelaine de Tournai Chine et Chinoiserie

Les Legs Madame Louis Solvay par Mariën-Dugardin

Porcelaine de Tournai Collection du Musée d'Arras

Musée des Arts décoratifs de la Ville de Tournai : 240 pièces exceptionnelles

Cent ans de porcelaine de Tournai, le legs André Belley

La porcelaine de Tournai de William Mercer of Aldie 1770

Collection Fernand Michiels

La porcelaine de Tournai - Histoire d'une manufacture par Jean Lemaire

Recherches sur les Anciennes porcelaines de Tournay par Eugène Soil de Moriamé

And here are you can now choose what to suit you to collect… a order word : patience and choose quality compared to the quantity, it is better an irreproachable part of quality, that ten of less quality. Take time to choose your parts. NR : do not hesitate to ask the most complete description to your supplier.

Welcome in the world of the ceramics collectors.
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01.Tea boal in soft paste porcelain of Tournai (Ring garland)
02.Ear décor cream pot in Tournai porcelain.
03.Plate in porcelain of Tournai (Ear décor)
04.Plate in porcelain of Tournai (Ring décor)
05.Plate in soft porcelain of Tournai. (fly décor)
06.A Tournai cup and saucer (bay in bloom)
07.A Tournai cup and saucer (cornflower)
08.A Tournai pap plate (Bay in bloom decor)
09.A Tournai polychrom porcelain cup
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Soup tureen in porcelain of Tournai 18 century gold
Soup tureen in porcelain of Tournai 18 century gold
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